James a.



I'll take your RAW image through Lightroom or Capture One setting color, exposure, etc.  Then a very quick trip into Photoshop to retouch only the most obvious blemish or two.


A full retouch in Photoshop.  This includes cleaning up skin, blemishes, minor stray hair, eyes, whiten teeth and removing easy distractions like the leg of a light stand or minor trash in an alley.


I'll do a full retouch, then continue refining the image by doing some dodge and burn, major acne removal, frequency separation to even out blotchy skin.  Gentle liquify.  Background extensions.

Cull $.05
Edit $.25

You'll send a Lightroom Smart Preview catalog and I'll go through each image ensuring consistantcy for the entire event.  


I'm James, a freelance digital artist and I've been in this amazing industry for 15+ years.  Always as a retoucher, sometimes as a portrait studio owner, studio manager, photographer, videographer, colorist and less often as a programmer, teacher, innovator.  I worked for a couple of family-owned portrait studios and learned all about lighting, editing, selling and the business of portrait photography.  Then I opened a studio of my own, employed four other photographers and edited all of their work.  For the last five years I've been totally freelance and have a client list of many dozens of portrait, commercial and wedding photographers.

I live in southern Indiana with my wife and three daughters.  Interests include hanging with the family, traveling, reading/dreaming/chatting about business with friends over coffee in the morning or wine in the evening.

My wife and I have a couple of side-hustles.  For two years we've owned a coffee roastery serving restaurants and cafes regionally.  Also, late 2018 we started www.dewberrydesignco.com, a handmade jewelry company.

copyright Lindsay Adler